Spragga Benz – Shotta Culture (new album and documentary)

shotta culture

Spragga Benz is releasing a new album at the end of this month (Aug 2010) called Shotta Culture. The album features a ton of collaborations (including Marcia Griffiths, Stephen Marley, Swizz Beats and many more) and it is said to be a document and a social commentary of life in Jamaica, in what Spragga terms ‘Shotta Culture’.

Spragga Benz says that he defines Shotta Culture as:
“It is the culture that I live, the culture that I’m from. I call my album Shotta Culture because it represents freedom of expression, quality, and standing up for what you believe in.”

The album also coincides with a documentary about Spragga Benz, also called ‘Shotta Culture’. The film is described as:
A documentary about the life of this influential dancehall artist and the unforgiving streets he came from. Born into a large family of modest means, Shotta Culture chronicles Spragga’s rise to fame, as he overcomes personal obstacles, political strife and violence to become one of Jamaica’s most influential artists. Shotta Culture also explores the 2008 murder of Spragga’s son, Carlton Grant, Jr. at the hands of police. Providing never before seen interviews with witnesses and candid discussions of the ongoing violence claiming the lives of Jamaica’s youth.

Watch the video for Spragga Benz’s Shotta Culture below:

Spragga Benz- Shotta Culture_official video from Cari Denhardt on Vimeo.


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