Busy Signal – Tempted To Touch (Beres Hammond cover)

busy signal

Busy Signal has made just made a remake of Beres Hammond’s ‘Tempted To Touch’…..and personally, we can’t see the point – he’s not really added anything to it, except for a bit of autotune :(

Busy has made some very commercial choices with his cover versions over the last year, but for us, this one just doesn’t work. Sorry Busy, get back to dancehall please.

What do you think?

Busy Signal – Tempted To Touch
Busy Signal – Tempted To Touch (Remake Of Beres Hammond) (Reggae) 2011 [jam2vibes.com] by J2VProductions

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3 Responses to “Busy Signal – Tempted To Touch (Beres Hammond cover)”

  1. WTF is this crap says:

    rubbish, This guy should stick to deejaying and NOT attempt to sing which he obviously cannot. Autotune really is a disgusting creation and whomever pioneered it should be shot. If you got busy signal trying to authentically sing this, without auto tune he would sound like a torchered cat! Furthermore a cover version is supposed to be something new, to add a different slant on the original, this does NOT do this, its more like karaoke. If you ask me dance-hall began in the late 70s thrived and boomed in the early and mid 80s and died in the 90s. Whats left today is commercialized crap – very much influenced my the crappy commercialized hip hop of today (similarly died in the 90s as a genre)

  2. admin says:

    Totally agree – there was no need for Busy Signal to touch this track – a real let down.

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