Busy Signal – The Gambler

Okay, so this is from a VP compilation album called “Reggae Gone Country” which features various reggae and dancehall artists covering ‘Country and Western’ classics, but for us this is another example of Busy Signal watering down his output and taking another needless career gamble.

This is basically a straight cover of the Kenny Rogers track called the gambler, except made worse by being drowned in needless autotune.

Need to see Busy Signal back on a dancehall path – we are all for diversity and commercial and crossover success, but quality needs to be put ahead of simple opportunity.

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2 Responses to “Busy Signal – The Gambler”

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  2. stevemore says:

    kaboom bless more love every time he has done it a gain……busiest man i love dis tune thanks…Africa KENYA one more time…bless.

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