Joe Lickshot – The Dancehall Pioneer – Interview

Irish and Chin have been doing regular interviews with influential figures from the Dancehall world, and some of them are well worth spending some time checking out.

This is an interview with Joe Lickshot – a legendary ‘hype man’, dancehall noise and sound effect specialist, and introduction specalist.

In this interview, Joe Lickshot is firmly in Dancehall historian mode as he recounts stories from the Dancehall scene in the early 1970s, and recollects on what a King Tubby sound system dance was like.

This is definately one to share around your reggae and dancehall friends and fans – there are a lot of great stories and history in this. Not much will probably ever be written about Joe Lickshot in the history books of reggae and dancehall, but his influence will always be part of the very fabric of the Dancehall – so it is great to see an extended interview with this unique character.

Joe Lickshot Interview Part 1:

Joe Lickshot Interview Part 2:


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