Anthony B meets Dubblestandart – “Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk”

Anthony B meets Dubblestandart - Dem Can't Stop We From Talk
Now this is a tune!

Anthony B spreads his net pretty wide when it comes to producers, he is prolific with Jamaican producers, but equally prolific when working with international producers.

This track was the result when Anthony B hooked up with Dubblestandart to record “Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk”. This track was given a second lease of life when violence and unrest erupted in Jamaica during the manhunt for Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke. Check out the track below, as well as a video showing the making of the track.

Not to be missed!

Anthony B meets Dubblestandart – “Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk”:

Anthony B “Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk “shows the composition and recording of the song in Kingston, Jamaica in Spring of 2010 as well as the political context and explosive events that erupted at the time of the song was being created — including the riots in Kingston, Tivoli Gardens raid and ensuing manhunt for Dudus. The track is part of a joint production by Subatomic Sound (NYC) & Nomadic Wax (Brooklyn) with People’s Records (Kingston, JA) produced in NYC, Senegal, and Jamaica.

You can download Anthony B meets Dubblestandart – “Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk” from and

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