Gaza Vs Gully Dancehall Mixtape 2011

Gaza Vs Gully Mixtape


The peak of the Gully Vs Gaza war has now long passed, and with Vybz Kartel currently in prison awaiting trial for murder, the war won’t be sparking up again anytime soon. That said – it still makes a great structure for a mixtape!

This new dancehall mixtape for 2011 pits the Gully and Gaza head-to-head, by collecting together some of the biggest hits from Mavado and Vybz Kartel over the last year or so (including a couple of tracks from the likes of Popcaan, Gaza Slim etc…).

This mixtape is free to download in a single mix or broken out by track. Check the track list and download it below:

Download: 1-File MixTrack
Download: MultiTrack Album

Track Listing:

2.Tattoo Time – Kartel
3.Emergency – Mavado
4.Every Gyal – Chipmunk f. Mavado
5.Stiff Necked Fools – Mavado
6.AK 47 – Mavado
7.Woman Mi Love – Kartel
8.Cake Soap – Kartel
9.Careful – Kartel
10.One by One – Mavadod
11.Gaza mi Seh – Kartel
12.Hold di Faith – Kartel
13.Fall Rain Fall – Mavado
14.Duppy Know – Kartel
15.Tell You Say – Kartel
16.Pepper – Mavado
17.Settle Down – Mavado
18.Leadeth Me – Kartel
19.Cant Satisfy – Kartel
20.The Messiah – Mavado
21.Summa Time – Kartel
22.Always – Gaza Slim
23.All dem a Talk – Mavado
24.Only Man She Want – Popcaan
25.Everything fi Hold Him – Gaza Slim
26.Love You Enuh – Kartel
27.Touch a Button – Kartel
28.House Top – Mavado
29.Money- Sheba
30.What Goes Up – Kartel
31.Tumping – Mavado
32.Sex and the City – Kartel
33.Stronger we Get – Kartel
34.Mavado – Lost Them
35.Tripple Bounce Riddim
36.Vybz Kartel – Bicycle
37.Hope & Pray – Mavado
38.Cleara – Mavado
39.StarBwoy – Mavado
40.Hold Me – Mavado

Download: 1-File MixTrack
Download: MultiTrack Album

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