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Konshens – The Realest Medz [Lyrics]

Lyrics to ‘The Realest Medz’ by Konshens, on the ‘Good Friends’ riddim – produced by Cashflow Records. Lyrics: The Realest Medz – Konshens: Intro: (Cashflow production) Realest Eh Dem say yuh nuh fi trust friend Cause a friend kill the most friend Enemy once was a close friend Despite all a the love weh yuh [...]

Shaggy – Church Heathen [Lyrics]

Lyrics to Shaggy’s monster dancehall smash ‘Church Heathen’ – a satirical take on Jamaican church-going. Shaggy: ahh haa if yuh tek this too serious then yuh really need some church Chorus: Them Feel Say Tru Them Go A Church Their Sins Dont Need Forgiving Forgiving Them Really Gone From Bad To Worse With Them yah [...]

Lyrics to ‘This Life’ by Future Fambo featuring Unga [plus behind the scenes footage of making the video]

Lyrics for ‘This Life’ by Future Fambo below, also check out the ‘making of’ footage of the offical video: Lyrics to ‘This Life’ by Future Fambo, featuring Unga: Intro: I gotta take a pull for this one My life, Unga I’m gonna tell yuh a true story(yeah) Verse 1: People say they care but dem [...]

Popcaan – Dream [Lyrics]

Full lyrics to ‘Dream’ by Popcaan. Popcaan – Dream – Lyrics: every hotskull nuh listen to badmind talk,or message weh pagan send anno everyting weh glitter ah gold,so look out fi badmind friend nuff time mi seh life unfair, look how much good people life end so mi haffi tell every ghetto youth ( doh [...]

Vybz Kartel and Jah Vinci – Leadeth Me [Lyrics]

Lyrics and audio for Leadeth Me by Vybz Kartel and Jah Vinci. Lyrics to Leadeth Me by Vybz Kartel and Jah Vinci Intro: Vybz Kartel Lord is my shepherd And I shall not want Selassie I Guide mi with your light mmm Ghetto youth nah stop get fight But still mi haffi give thanks fi [...]

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