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Buju Banton – Before the Dawn Mixtape (CALLI B. & JABBA)

Huge Buju Banton mixtape from Calli B and Jabba. This mixtape collects together 56 tracks spanning Buju Banton’s career and is mixed together with the energy of Calli B and Jabba – check it out below. Roots and dancehall standing shoulder to shoulder in this mixtape. [ad]

Buju Banton ‘Before The Dawn’ concert video

Here you go, a Buju Banton video blowout from his recent ‘Before the Dawn’ concert that took place in Miami. Buju Banton – Before the Dawn (Miami) 1: Buju Banton – Before the Dawn (Miami) 2: Buju Banton – Before the Dawn (Miami) 3: Buju Banton – Before the Dawn (Miami) 4: Buju Banton – [...]

Buju Banton rehearsing ‘Before The Dawn’ in the studio

Some studio footage of Buju Banton in the studio rehearsing with his band (and Stephen Marley) as they prepare for Buju’s recent ‘Before The Dawn’ concert that took place in Miami.

Dancehall Classic!: Buju Banton – Batty Rider [Lyrics]

Lyrics to the Buju Banton dancehall classic, Batty Rider. Buju Banton – Batty Rider – Lyrics: Girrrrls, all fruits ripe Unuh a gwaaan good I waaan yuh jus trussss mi Hear why me holla! chorus Gal yuh see yuh battyrider, murda Yuh mus fi waan di DJ charge fa (a death) Woman yuh see yuh [...]

Free Buju Banton Mixtape – “The Set-Up Exhibit A”

Triple B Produktionz have put together this free Buju Banton mixtape that is available now as a free download. The mixtape is called “The Set-Up Exhibit A” and features a ton of dancehall artists including Buju himself, Sizzla, Anthony B Cocoa Tea and many more. The mixtape also features interludes where fans and associates of [...]

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