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Gaza Vs Gully Dancehall Mixtape 2011

[ad#ad-1] The peak of the Gully Vs Gaza war has now long passed, and with Vybz Kartel currently in prison awaiting trial for murder, the war won’t be sparking up again anytime soon. That said – it still makes a great structure for a mixtape! This new dancehall mixtape for 2011 pits the Gully and [...]

“Wha gwaan popcaan” – New video for Dream by Popcaan (including the making of video)

Popcaan released the track ‘Dream’ a few months ago now on the ‘Gangster City Riddim’, and since it was released it has become a steady burner and a huge hit. Dream is a fascinating track, and it really shows that under all the current hype (and sometimes controversy that seems to come pre-packed with the [...]

Beenie Man, Popcaan, Shawn Storm live on stage

Footage of a Gaza night featuring Beenie Man, Shawn Storm and Popcaan on stage mashing things up and performing hits like ‘Vybz Party’. Popcaan seems to get the biggest support. Don’t forget to check out the free Popcaan Mixtape to download. [ad]

Video: Hitler Get Mad Pon Di Gaza

This made us laugh – it’s a few months old now, but we only stumbled across it the other day and thought we’d share it here. Basically it is a Gaza themed version of the Hitler meme that has been going around for a while now. The meme basically involves taking a famous clip of [...]

Toaster Riddim (playlist and riddim mix)

Adidjaheim / Notnice Records are still churning out the riddims and hits. This is the Toaster Riddim that features Gaza Slim (Vanessa Bling), Popcaan, and Vybz Kartel. Kartel has started doing clean and radio friendly versions of his more explicit tunes, so you’ll find the x-rated ‘Mi Love Pussy’ and the clean version ‘Mi Love [...]

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