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Ninjaman, Capleton, Johnny P, Pinchers and more on Black Scorpio Sound Sysytem

Great footage of Ninjaman, Capleton, Pinchers, Burro Banton, Johnny P, General Trees and more, all on stage at Black Scorpio Sound System. Some great lyrical sparring here, and as usual, almost nobody can take the mic for more that 2 minutes, before Ninjaman steps out to challenge them. Part 1: Part 2: [ad#ad-2]

Ninjaman – Mad Again (Recording Session)

Great footage from the recording session for Mad Again by Ninjaman. Video taken from High School Dancehall produced by Junko.

Ninjaman Vs Shabba Ranks at Sting 1990

This is a clip of the clash between Shabba Ranks Vs Ninjaman at Sting in 1990. Ninja’s entrance to any stage clash never fails to raise a smile with us – he is always so effortlessly deadly and crazy in equal measure.

Ninjaman, Major Mackerel, Jr Demus, Sluggy and Shabba 1989

Wow, this is a great clip of Ninjaman, Major Mackerel, Jr Demus, Sluggy, Shabba Ranks and Twitch all DJ’ing on Stone Love in the Biltmore Ballroom in 1989, with Rory selecting. [ad]

Ninjaman interview at Sumfest 2009

Chris Goldfinger interviewing Ninjaman at Reggae SUmfest 2009. Ninjaman’s interviews are usually more entertaining than many dancehall acts. Ninjaman Interview Part 1: Ninjaman Interview Part 2: [ad]

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