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The Best of Shabba Ranks mixtape

The big, bad Shabba – some Shabba Ranks classics for you in this short mixtape:

New Shabba Ranks on the Peppa Riddim – “None A Dem”

Shabba Ranks is back again – this time he’s teamed up with Stephen Di Genius McGregor on the Peppa Riddim to release a track called “None A Dem”. Shabba keeps threatening a full scale comeback, he recorded some good tracks with John John not long ago and then seemed to vanish for a while again [...]

New Shabba Ranks Tune! – Drive Dem Crazy

The Grammy Kid returns – and what a way to mark your comeback! This is pure rockstone Shabba Ranks, and it is great to see him back in his natural element and still laying down pure dancehall. Shabba is currently cutting a ton of new tracks, so expect plenty more to come. This is ‘Drive [...]

Ninjaman Vs Shabba Ranks at Sting 1990

This is a clip of the clash between Shabba Ranks Vs Ninjaman at Sting in 1990. Ninja’s entrance to any stage clash never fails to raise a smile with us – he is always so effortlessly deadly and crazy in equal measure.

Ninjaman, Major Mackerel, Jr Demus, Sluggy and Shabba 1989

Wow, this is a great clip of Ninjaman, Major Mackerel, Jr Demus, Sluggy, Shabba Ranks and Twitch all DJ’ing on Stone Love in the Biltmore Ballroom in 1989, with Rory selecting. [ad]

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